Charity Program

Sell our car wash coupons and keep 50% of everything you sell!

It isn't easy to organize a one day event to have a car wash fund raiser, and then it may even rain that day. At Swell's Car Wash, we make it easier for you and your non-profit group to raise money for a worthy cause. Just participate in our Charity Wash Program. It works like this:

Swell's Car Wash supplies your organization with special fundraising prepaid washes that can be used anytime. Sell as many as you can and keep 50% for your group. You sell our Deluxe Wash for $13.00 and keep $6.50. Your group has a one month selling period after which you turn in any unsold tickets and payment for the tickets you sold. Your work is done after this 30 day period!

Who Qualifies

How Much You Can Make

Sell 100 washes — earn $650
Sell 200 washes — earn $1300
Sell 500 washes — earn $3250

Program Restrictions

Car wash coupons can not be sold on or near Swell's Car Wash premises.

Use of the program is limited to one sale month per year per nonprofit organization.

How to Get Started

  1. Decide when you would like to run your fund raiser program. You have 30 days to sell your coupons.
  2. Decide how many car wash coupons you expect to sell.
  3. Fill out our application. Contact us by mail, email, or stop in for an application.
  4. For questions, call Bill at (860) 738-WASH.
  5. Sign the Charity Wash contract when you pick up the car wash coupons.